Thinking of Leaving?

This is undoubtedly a very big and difficult decision to make and we want to ensure you are fully supported through the process.

What happens next?

Firstly, we would suggest contacting your educational supervisor, college tutor or local TPD to discuss things further. There may be other options open to you other than leaving training that are worth considering e.g. taking an OOPE, career break or reducing you working hours. Your TPD can signpost you to career guidance, mentorship and further support. We as a school, recognise everyone’s training journey is different and continuing in training is not the right thing for everyone. We want ensure you have the appropriate support in making the right decision for you.

If you make the final decision to leave training, you will need to formally resign through the HEE portal as well as informing your TPD who will inform the Head of School (Jonathan Round).

If you decide to leave training, we will offer you the chance to complete a questionnaire and to arrange a meeting with the retention TPD (Nia Williams) who will offer you an exit interview. This is an opportunity for us as a school to hear about your experience of training and learn how best to support trainees in the future. You are not under any obligation to have an exit interview but we really value your experiences and feedback.

Leaving pathway

Depending on your circumstances you might also find these resources useful:

  • Professional support unit
    • Confidential 1:1 support or advice via the Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
    • Individual Support Team (IST)
    • Coaching
    • Careers advice
    • Access to confidential mental health services for doctors & dentists
    • Specialist Communication & Linguistics skills support
    • Access to dyslexia assessments and specialist dyslexia coaching
    • Support for those Returning to Practice
    • Free development courses, conferences & e-learning
    • Access to wellbeing & self-management resources
  • Practitioner health programme
    • Free, confidential NHS primary care mental health and addiction service with expertise in treating health professionals
  • Retention TPD: Nia Williams