5 Steps to Journal Club Success & LSP Journal Club Resources

  1. Find a study:

BMJ Archive of Childhood Diseases


New England Journal of Medicine online https://www.nejm.org/pediatrics?query=main_nav_lg

Don’t Forget The Bubbles “bubblewrap”


Please circulate study min. 48 hours before your session at morning handover or paeds mailing list!


  1. Critical Appraisal Check List:

CASP Checklist https://casp-uk.net/casp-tools-checklists/


  1. Statistic Help:

Oxford Centre EBM https://www.cebm.net/category/ebm-resources/tools/


  1. Obtain Feedback:

Obtain formal feedback for journal club evidence for eportfolio


  1. Write Up + Submit for FOAMED:

Summarise your journal club session in less than 1,000 words to submit to journal club database. Submit to zhia.lim@nhs.net



Guidance and resources on how to lead a constructive journal club in a busy clinical Paediatrics department

Project leader: zhia.lim@nhs.net


If you're interested in facilitating a discussion/group work based Journal Club, we have also developed a set of resources for this:

  • SOP (poster + text explanation)
  • CASP Slides Template
  • Papers we'd recommend using
  • Feedback survey