A summary of the committee and what we do! This is the most updated version from 2023. Written by Nisha Patel & Sarah Sturrock (2023 LSP TC Co-chairs)

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Responsibilities of every General Trainee Committee Member:Ā 

Ā All members are asked to commit to the following as well as your individual subgroup responsibilities:

Meeting Attendance & Engagement:Ā 

  • Demonstrate commitment to the TC and the Subgroup through attendance and participation in meetings (for which you can request study leave)
    • Attend at least 60% of the general bi-montly meetings:
      • LSP Showcase Meetings (approx 5-6 per year total - attend 2-3)
      • TC/TPD Meetings (approx 5-6 per year total - attend 2-3)Ā 
    • Actively engage with and attend Trainee Committee Development Mornings. These run on the same day as the TC/TPD Meetings. (approx 5-6 per year total)
    • Regularly attend subgroup meetings, these will be decided by subgroup leads and commitments noted in the subgroup roles & responsibilities.
    • The attendance for meetings is monitored vigilantly by the Executive Team.

Project Work:

    • Maintain productivity on project work within subgroupĀ 
    • Presentation of planned, mid-point and completed work at the LSP Showcases
    • Regularly update the website with project work and dates

Succession planning:Ā 

    • The committee does not have a defined period of membership; trainees are able to determine their date of leaving the committee according to their project work timeframes, time availability and ability to commit to project deadlines and leadership development sessions. This requires active and open conversations with the subgroup lead about your commitment
    • If you are planning on going Out of Placement or Maternity Leave you can retain your position, only if early and open conversations are had with your subgroup lead.

Actively stepping down:Ā 

  • Committee members do much of their work in ā€˜free timeā€™. At different stages weā€™ll have differing draws on our time and focus. Any members who begin to feel unable to commit fully to the committee are asked to talk to the chair and volunteer to step aside to allow new committee members to join.

Non-engaging members

    • If for any reason you are not meeting the minimum requirements for your subgroup and also the general responsibilities as stated above. You will be given a 6 month probationary period after which you will be asked to meet with the chair. This meeting will determine whether you will be asked to leave or continue for a further probationary period.Ā 


Name Clinical Post Trust Email Area of responsibility in addition to generic TPD role
Amutha Anpananthar Consultant Paediatrician (PEM) Whipps Cross Simulation North London
Khadija Ben-Sasi Consultant Neonatologist Northwick Park Post Development & Excellence
Bridget Callaghan Consultant Paediatrician GOSH Post Development and Excellence
Mehrengise Cooper Consultant Paediatric Intensivist St. Mary's Simulation Lead Pan-London
Tessa Davis Consultant PEM Royal London Recruitment & Retention
Ajay Ā Desai Consultant Paediatric Intensivist Royal Brompton IT subgroup
Chris Gale Consultant Neonatologist Chelsea and Westminster Academic Training and (sub) subgroup
KumudiniĀ  Gomez Consultant Paediatrician Lewisham Programme Management ST4-5 South London
Morwenna Hodin Consultant Paediatrician St. George's Simulation South London
Atefa Hossain Consultant Paediatrician St. George's Programme Management ST6-8 Pan London
Sue Laurent Consultant Paediatrician Barnet Supporting trainees, recruitment and retention; Learning Together
Chloe Macaulay Consultant Paediatrician Evelina Innovation Subgroup
Matko Marlais Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist GOSH Education subgroup, RSM sessions
Syed Mohinuddin Consultant Neonatologist & Transport-ologist Royal London Less Than Full Time Training
Sandhia Naik Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist Royal London Academic training and (sub) subgroup
Anne Opute Consultant Neonatologist Royal London Deputy Head of School; Programme Management Grid Pan London
Nick Prince Consultant Paediatric Intensivist St. George's IT subgroup
Trisha Radia Consultant Paediatrician King's College Paediatric Return to clinical practice (PRACP); Simulation South London
Sunita Rao Consultant Paediatrician Whittington Programme Management ST4-5 North London
Jonathan Round Consultant Intensivist St George's Head of School
Jane Runnacles Consultant Paediatrician Royal Free Education subgroup, RSM evening sessions, QI Champions and Leadership and Management
Caroline Scott-Lang Consultant Paediatrician St. Mary's Education subgroup, RSM day sessions
ShanthiĀ  Shanmugalingam Consultant Neonatologist Royal Free Programme Management ST6-8 Pan London
RuthĀ  Shephard Consultant Neonatologist St. Helier Deputy Head of School; Programme Management ST1-3 South London
Kirsty Watts Consultant Paediatrician Epsom Educational Supervisors development
Olu Wilkey Consultant Paediatrician North Middlesex Programme Management ST1-3 North Central and East London