A guide to the Training Programme Directors (TPDs)

Who's who and what do they do?

Dr Jonathan Round is the Head of School

Dr Anne Opute and Dr Ruth Shephard are the Deputy Heads of School. They also have TPD roles as listed below

All TPDs have generic parts of their job such as helping at recruitment, ARCPs and School meetings. They also have specific additional area(s) of responsibility. They are all Paediatricians working in Teaching and District General Hospitals and aim to give you the best possible training experience.

Programme Management TPDs organise post allocation taking into account trainee  educational and other needs. They are highlighted in red. Every trainee has a Programme Management TPD. They should be the person you go to for advice about anything that may lead to changes in the training programme such as wanting to change a post/ maternity or sick leave/ Out of Programme/ concerns that you are not able to discuss with your Educational Supervisor or RCPCH Tutor.


  • scroll down for a full list of TPD names and contact details.
Name Clinical Post Trust Email Area of responsibility in addition to generic TPD role
Amutha Anpananthar Consultant Paediatrician (PEM) Whipps Cross amutha.anpananthar@nhs.net Simulation North London
Khadija Ben-Sasi Consultant Neonatologist Northwick Park khadija.ben-sasi@nhs.net Post Development & Excellence
Bridget Callaghan Consultant Paediatrician GOSH Bridget.Callaghan@gosh.nhs.uk Post Development and Excellence
Mehrengise Cooper Consultant Paediatric Intensivist St. Mary's mehrengise.cooper@nhs.net Simulation Lead Pan-London
Tessa Davis Consultant PEM Royal London tessa.davis@nhs.net Recruitment & Retention
Ajay  Desai Consultant Paediatric Intensivist Royal Brompton A.Desai@rbht.nhs.uk IT subgroup
Chris Gale Consultant Neonatologist Chelsea and Westminster christopher.gale@imperial.ac.uk Academic Training and (sub) subgroup
Kumudini  Gomez Consultant Paediatrician Lewisham kumudini.gomez@nhs.net Programme Management ST4-5 South London
Morwenna Hodin Consultant Paediatrician St. George's morwenna.hodin@stgeorges.nhs.uk Simulation South London
Atefa Hossain Consultant Paediatrician St. George's Atefa.Hossain@stgeorges.nhs.uk Programme Management ST6-8 Pan London
Sue Laurent Consultant Paediatrician Barnet sue.laurent@nhs.net Supporting trainees, recruitment and retention; Learning Together
Chloe Macaulay Consultant Paediatrician Evelina chloe.macaulay@gstt.nhs.uk Innovation Subgroup
Matko Marlais Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist GOSH Matko.Marlais@gosh.nhs.uk Education subgroup, RSM sessions
Syed Mohinuddin Consultant Neonatologist & Transport-ologist Royal London syed.mohinuddin@nhs.net Less Than Full Time Training
Sandhia Naik Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist Royal London sandhia.naik@bartshealth.nhs.uk Academic training and (sub) subgroup
Anne Opute Consultant Neonatologist Royal London Anne.Opute@bartshealth.nhs.uk Deputy Head of School; Programme Management Grid Pan London
Nick Prince Consultant Paediatric Intensivist St. George's nprince@nhs.net IT subgroup
Trisha Radia Consultant Paediatrician King's College trisharadia@nhs.net Paediatric Return to clinical practice (PRACP); Simulation South London
Sunita Rao Consultant Paediatrician Whittington sunita.rao@nhs.net Programme Management ST4-5 North London
Jonathan Round Consultant Intensivist St George's jround@sgul.ac.uk Head of School
Jane Runnacles Consultant Paediatrician Royal Free j.runnacles@nhs.net Education subgroup, RSM evening sessions, QI Champions and Leadership and Management
Caroline Scott-Lang Consultant Paediatrician St. Mary's caroline.scott-lang@nhs.net Education subgroup, RSM day sessions
Shanthi  Shanmugalingam Consultant Neonatologist Royal Free shanthi.shanmugalingam@nhs.net Programme Management ST6-8 Pan London
Ruth  Shephard Consultant Neonatologist St. Helier r.shephard@nhs.net Deputy Head of School; Programme Management ST1-3 South London
Kirsty Watts Consultant Paediatrician Epsom kirsty.watts2@nhs.net Educational Supervisors development
Olu Wilkey Consultant Paediatrician North Middlesex olu.wilkey@nhs.net Programme Management ST1-3 North Central and East London