The Excellences Exchange was piloted in 2019 as a forum to capture best practice and excellence in paediatric training and spread this learning across the region.


The aims and objectives of the programme are:


  1. Raise awareness of the work the School does and how the LSP can support and enrich training.
  2. Discuss the LSP survey with the local team to learn how they have achieved excellence and assist in developing solutions to more challenging areas.
  3. Learn about good local practice in order to share this amongst the School to improve and reduce variation in the quality of training.
  4. Break down us/them barriers between Trusts and HEE; the Trainee Committee and Trainees.


The format is a mixed face to face and virtual meeting between senior leaders in the LSP and trainers and trainees from a particular site. Areas of excellence and improvement to be discussed by trust reps and college tutors prior to the exchange with support of the exchange team.Ā 


If you would be interested in participating in an Excellence Exchange please contact


(links to reports from past exchanges)Ā 


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