What is Transition to Consultant?

Transition to Consultant is a free 2 day course and shadowing scheme for paediatric trainees ST7 and above to help them prepare for their new role as consultants.

What does the course cover?

Transition to Consultant covers a range of topic including:

  • What to expect from the consultant interview
  • How to develop a service
  • The structure of the NHS
  • Complaints and serious incidents
  • Supporting juniors

Day 1 is usually held in late Autumn and day 2 is usually held in early spring. In between days 1 and 2, trainees will be supported to shadow a consultant and a hospital manager to help broaden their understanding of their new roles.

How do I book?

This years course will take place on 27th November 2019 and 12th February 2020. As it is a 2 day course, you need to register for both dates. You can register here

Please email kathleenbirley@gmail.com if you have any questions.


  • "An excellent course- thank you!"
  • "A great course. I would highly recommend this to other ST7-8s"
  • "The two days were extremely comprehensive"
  • "Really useful group discussions- it's always helpful to know others feel the same"
  • "Nothing like I expected but I'm so happy I was able to attend"