ARCP is not a surprise event, and nor should preparing for it be a late night cram session. Instead, it should represent a record of a year's steady training, curated at the end so the evidence can be easily recognised. Here are some pointers of how to prepare:

6-8 weeks to the ARCP

-Review your eportfolio in accordance with the RCPCH Progress curriculum for your level of training. Review your PDP goals.

-Ensure the dates of all training posts and absences are logged properly onto your eportfolio

-Arrange an MSF if you have not had one in the past year, particularly if you are completing a level

-Complete WBPAs, reflective entries and update your skills log

-If you are a grid trainee, please arrange for a CSAC review if you have not had one recently


4-6 weeks to the ARCP

-Arrange a date to meet with your educational supervisor (ES)

-Review and document your progress in achieving the learning outcomes (LO) relating to the key capabilities in the domains for your level of training.

-Complete a Trainee led Educational Supervisor Trainer’s Report for ARCP and send it to your supervisor (in addition to a clinical supervisor report if the trainee has a separate CS)

- From June 2024, you can no longer add folders to the 'Documents" tab. Instead, you need to complete an "ARCP Preparation Form" and ensure the relevant documents are completed and attached (e.g. Form R, Post Proforma, Exams and Courses Proforma, START remediation folder and any other relevant documentation like an OOP supervisor report, OOPR academic supervisor’s report, Fast-tracking form etc.)

-Any applicable forms will be sent to you via email from NHSE, with your ARCP invitation usually about 4weeks prior to ARCP deadlines.


2-4 weeks to the ARCP

-Meet with your ES. Discuss your training so far and agree on your progress

-Your ES should then complete the RCPCH Educational Supervisor Section on the Educational Supervisor Trainer’s Report for ARCP.

  • They should fill out the Clinical Supervisor section unless you have a separate CS. If you have a separate CS they will need to also upload a CS trainer’s report.


After your ARCP

Review your ARCP outcome, taking note of any recommendations and sign the outcome. Email the TPD chairing the panel if you are would like to query the outcome or get any clarification.


Useful places to look: