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The Trainees’ Committee aims to support trainees through every element of their training journey including organising multiple teaching programmes, exam and start prep courses, reviewing training sites, managing the school website, providing less than full time training guidance and creating and sharing wellbeing resources. We are also involved in planning the future of paediatric training in London. 


New Mission Statement and Values 


Purpose of The Trainees’ Committee 

  • Trainee representation across London 
  • Support for the design and delivery of training innovations 
  • Personal and leadership development of committee members


At the London School of Paediatrics, our mission is to set the gold standard in paediatric training by fostering a fun, supportive, and inclusive community.

We are committed to being a force for positive change while advocating for our trainees. We offer unique and unparalleled educational courses, expert training guidance, and comprehensive resources for well-being.

We aim to use the unparalleled opportunities in London to develop sustainable careers befitting the diverse personalities and talents of our trainees. Our purpose is to make paediatric training not just a professional journey but a fulfilling life experience.


Choose the London School of Paediatrics for an unparalleled training experience that is trainee-centred, adaptable, and innovative. We offer:

**Supportive Community**

Think of us as your 'supportive older sibling' in paediatric training.

**High-Quality Training**

Standardised, excellent, and aimed at all paediatric doctors, not just trainees.

 **Resource Sharing**

Access to easily accessible, accurate, and valuable information and resources.

**Career Guidance and Advocacy**

Comprehensive career advice and strong trainee advocacy.

**Engaging Events**

Regular, relevant, and innovative events that add value to your professional journey.

Join our dynamic community, where we proudly trailblaze in paediatric training, striving for cutting-edge excellence and dedicating ourselves to delivering outstanding quality. 

The committee is made up of the following subgroups, made up of trainees who have applied for a position on our committee to make a difference to our training:

Each subgroup is overseen by our Training Programme Directors (TPD). The committee as a whole is led by the chair - Nisha Patel. For more information about each of our subgroups and their amazing projects, please check out their pages 🙂

If you would like any information, guidance or support with anything trainee committee related, please don't hesitate to contact me on london.paediatrics@gmail.com