Welcome to London School of Paediatrics Simulation!

Who are we?

  • We are a group of Training Programme Directors, trainees and educators who have a passion and love for simulation in clinical practice.
  • There are 5 TPDs spread througout London for simulation:
    Dr Amutha Anpananthar (NECL London), Dr Jane Runnacles (Education), Dr Mehrengise Cooper (lead for simulation, NW London), Dr Morwenna Hodin (South London) and Dr Trisha Radia (South London)
  • We have a network of paediatricians and allied health professionals within our faculty programme who deliver simulation in trusts all across London.

What do we do?

Our focus is to share innovative approaches to simulation across London.  We have a novel approach to faculty development and organise courses for trainees and allied health professionals.

Faculty Development Programme

  • Candidates on the PSFDP (Paediatric Simulation Faculty Development Programme) are senior paediatric trainees (ST678 or equivalent), consultants, allied health professionals who competitively apply to take part in the programme
  • Our PSFDP cohorts generally commence the programme every December with a modular programme commencing with a Launch event
  • Other modules include: Simulation facilitation on LSP ST1/ST3 courses, Simulation facilitation in local paediatric units (ED, NICU, Transport), Patient safety - latent errors and latent strengths, together with on-going expert mentorship and peer mentorship



Courses include

  • ST1 and ST3 full immersion one day multidisciplinary course including 5 scenarios on the acutely unwell child - please see details for the 2022 programme
  • ST3 part task &  communication simulation days designed to prepare level 1 trianees for their level 2 posts - please see details for the 2022 programme
  • PRACP - paediatric return to acute paediatric programme for trainees returning to clinical work after a period of time out of training.



  • Here is a very useful video on Human Factors that has been put together by the LSP team and provides excellent resources around this subject.  Please have a look anytime and of course before attend the simulation training days:

Here are some useful resources to read prior to attending our training days and our Part Task guide which provides information on practical procedures for paediatrics and neonatology.

Introduction to Simulation 2022


Introduction to Simulation training 2022


London School of Paediatrics Part-Task guide 2022


London School of Paediatrics Simulation Programme Part-task training guide 2022

Pre-course Information 2022

Pre-course information 2022