In continuing efforts to improve paediatric training across London, the London School of Paediatrics Trainees' Committee are excited to introduce the '10 Training Ideals'.


What is '10 Training Ideals'?
The '10 Training Ideals' succinctly outline educational topics and formats, which paediatricians feel are important to improve training in London. It has been adapted from qualitative data collected during the Mapping the Future Project involving 200 participants (paediatric trainees, consultants and college tutors) from 13 NHS trusts across London.  This crucial piece of work was carried out by the Curriculum Delivery group at the London School of Paediatrics.

How to use the '10 Training Ideals'?

We hope that trust representatives and trainees can work with college tutors and consultants to maximise training opportunities and introduce creative innovations to improve training at their workplace with the ’10 Training ideals’ in mind. We encourage the use of the '10 Training Ideals' as focal points for discussion at Junior-Junior meetings, Junior-Senior meetings and Local Faculty Group Liaison Meetings. We also hope to discuss the ’10 Training ideals’ at Sector/Local Faculty Group Meetings so we can learn from one another and spread best practice examples.

What are the '10 Training Ideals' documents?

Please find attached below:
The Workshop gives some useful insight in to how trainees across London feel some of these ideals may be included in the workplace.

How can I feedback about the utilisation of '10 Training Ideals'?
The Quality Assurance Subgroup trainees and consultants will be obtaining feedback at future Specialist Training Committee (STC) meetings. In the future, we will be building in presentation slots at the trust reps and college tutors bi-monthly meetings to hear from how you are using this at your trust as part of ‘Best Practice Sessions'. If you are interested in presenting or have any feedback about the '10 Training Ideals', please contact Audrey Soo (

Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing about your progress and creative training innovations!
Best wishes,
London School of Paediatrics Trainees' Committee
Quality Assurance & Curriculum Delivery Subgroups