Calculating pay, especially for LTFT trainees on the 2016 contract, involves lots of calculations and HR can get this wrong resulting in significant under/overpayments. We know of cases of individuals being underpaid by thousands of £. We strongly advise that you check that you are being paid correctly. Here's how:

  1. Get your individualised work-schedule: all LTFT trainees should recieve this from HR. If you don't have one, ask for it
  2. Access your payslips: either via ESR HERE or SBS pay HERE (also available as an app)
  3. Check the following are correct using the LTFT Handbook (and dedicated pay information to come)
    • Basic Salary: this is calculated pro-rata based on your leave-adjusted average weekly hours:
      • PROSPECTIVE COVER FOR LEAVE: ongoing issue identified recently as potential widespread pay error at many London Trusts
    • Weekend frequency: you should be paid pro-rata according to the frequency of weekends you work compared to your full-time colleagues
      • working a single saturday counts as a weekend worked. HR departments should not be discounting this from pay calculations
    • Night supplement: 37% uplift for night-working based on leave adjusted average weekly night hours
    • London zone: depends which part of London you work in but essentially a pro-rata amount of the london-zone premium (i.e. 80% trainee gets 80% of the payment)
    • LTFT premium: all LTFT trainees should receive £1000 per year (= £83 per month) - this is often missed!

THE DETAIL - see the 2 documents below:

  1. Pay Guide (2016 contract): page 5 onwards from our flexible working guide shows how to calculate pay in detail
  2. Prospective Cover for Study Leave: This recent issue may affect you. It is covered within the pay guide above (point 1.) but is covered separately within an expanded guide below
flexible working guide, 2ndED
Prospective Cover For Leave Guidance Document 2023

If you feel your pay is incorrect then HR are your first port of call. Watch this space for further pay related information. In the meantime, if you need support with your pay/HR issues then please get in touch with us.

See the below for further information - we have no affiliation or financial interest in medicsmoney:

PILOT PAY CLINICS: 3 pilot LTFT & Pay Clinics were run recently, supporting a large number of trainees. We are reviewing data from the pilots and may continue in a revised format in future.