We aim to spread examples of best practice in paediatric training across London. The below are examples of projects or pre-existing excellent practice that have been identified by trainees as positively contributing to training, and were shared at the excellent exchanges. 

We have grouped them by theme in the survey, and where possible included a contact for the project if you would like to replicate in your own place of work. 

(Each survey area illustrated by a clickable image which takes you through to a list “excellent” ideas shared from exchanges) - still to do! 


Survey Area Things Done Well
Morale/Team relationships Monthly junior senior (UCH)
  Cohesive consultant body (UCH)
  Treating everyone with kindness (Woolwich)
  Junior Junior well curated and not just a rant session (Hillingdon)
Teaching Protected Weds pm teaching. Skeleton staffing, bleep free (UCH)
  Grandover/Micro teach in handover (UCH)
  Reliable teaching every morning at 0830 (Homerton)
  Strong MDT and Consultant presence at teaching, even if not delivering teaching (Homerton)
  Dedicated leads for education and sim with enthusiastic team-education prioritised (Homerton)
  Using Trello to upload resources and map them to the curriculum (Homerton)
  Emphasis on constructive criticism (Woolwich)
  Dissemination of teaching resources via trello (Woolwich)
  Out of ours cover also considered training time not just service provision (Hillingdon)
  Dedicated WhatsApp group for sharing educational resources (e.g. articles) No other chatter (Hillingdon)
Rest facilities MDT supportive of breaks at night-walkaround before break, not bleeping unless urgent (UCH)
  Futons! (UCH)
  Promoting rest at night as part of safety culture. Night safety huddle and discussion of break provision (Woolwich)
Food and Drink  
Educational Supervision Incorporating pastoral care into educational supervision to ensure trainee welfare (Hillingdon)
Learning opportunities/Clinical Experience Checked specific training needs prior to starting (UCH)
  Tailoring trainee progression to individual needs (Woolwich)
Workload/intensity Functional processes: straightforward OPD booking process, accessible safeguarding team, makes daily working much simpler (Homerton)
Rota/Staffing Good management of staff shortages: Consultants stepping down(!), trainees stepping up, large locum pool (Woolwich)
Patient safety  
Senior support Prioritised training opportunities (UCH)
  Approachable Consultants-First names/mobile no. (UCH)
  Open to new ideas from trainees (UCH)
Clinics Considering booking in more trainee time in clinic in the summer when acute pads is less busy (Hillingdon)
  “Star chart” for clinic attendance to ensure equality (Hillingdon)
Leadership and Management Encouraging trainees to step up inc management and QI projects (Woolwich)
WBPAs/SLEs High engagement of Consultants with WPBAs. Acute Consultant model (Hillingdon)


If you would like further information about any of these projects, or have something you would like to share here, please contact Katie Ferin katheryn.ferin@nhs.net