As part of the LSP we have a variety of platforms where you can access information and share information to the wider school! 

  • Website & Bulletin
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • X/Twitter
  • Youtube

Details of each platform: CLICK HERE

After receiving feedback about various platforms, we have explained the premise for each to give you all transparency before signing up:

  • Aims & objectives within the LSP 
  • What information you can find
  • How you can access information on each platform
  • How you can share information on each platform
  • Code of conduct & disclaimers 
  • Privacy settings to explain how to maintain digital wellbeing


Check out how you can subscribe to all the platforms you wish on the infographic below...

A note on digital wellbeing:

We understand from feedback that you may not want access to every platform but in order to be as fair as possible and reach as many trainees as we can, we have to keep multiple communications channels! We have created some clear guidelines for each platform including how to use it, a code of conduct when using it and some personal tips on maximising privacy and minimising overload: check it out here


If you are unable to see the page below please click on this link: Resources Important to me


Disclaimer: Communication in the 21st century is ever evolving! While we aim to keep all platforms up-to-date, but some information may be inaccurate. Furthermore, there are real people behind each of these platforms and organisations so errors can arise! If you discover any disparities with our guidance compared to your own experience, please do contact us on so we can rectify the situation.