A guide to Surviving and Thriving in the current pandemic! 

We wanted to provide everyone with a useful and enjoyable toolkit during this challenging time and beyond. 

We’ve had so much fun creating this, including everything from where to buy your food to our favourite songs to dance to! But, remember: ’It’s ok to not be ok’- we’ve highlighted a list of resources & support systems, to empower those who need help, to seek help! 

Don’t forget, there are many friends & colleagues outside of the Paediatric world who may benefit from this Handbook, so *SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE* using the link below:

(For best format download ‘docs app’ and view in print format)


*Be Safe, Be Positive & SMILE 😊- We will ‘Survive & Thrive’ Through COVID-19*

With Love, 

‘Surviving & Thriving’ Subgroup 

P.S. suggestions or ideas are always welcome: