Online Learning Programme: Live & YouTube

The new Online Learning Programme from LSoP continues to build. Hopefully this is not news to you!

Thank you for all of the feedback received; universally it has been very positive and has enabled us to tweek the programme to meet your needs better.

We will certainly continue an online programme now to infinity and beyond, but will continue to refine the offering as time progresses.

Right now, we are adding additional teaching slots to allow a variety of different style teaching sessions across the week and area also moving to our RMS style ‘Theme of the Week’.

How can you help?

  • If sessions leads are struggling at the beginning, please remind them to record, and also that all instructions and login details are on the ‘How To’ tab via the same link as the Timetable.  The more people who know this, the better!
  • Volunteer to lead a trainee teaching session, please!

Here are the important links again:

Thanks for all your support as we get this going.