September LSP Showcase Highlights

We all hope you enjoyed the September LSP Showcase meeting! For anyone who missed out below is a summary of all the talks!


Surviving & Thriving Subgroup Summary

A summary of the projects that the S&T group have running at the moment. Found on the website:  Surviving & Thriving Youtube Video


Digital Wellbeing by The Workwell Doctors 

Two incredible GPs who have set up the Workwell doctors, focussing on our mental health and wellbeing! Please check them out on instagram @theworkwelldoctors

I’ve included a few links and suggestions from their amazing talk on how to look after ourselves in the 21st pro-technology era!


Wellbeing, Work-Life balance & Resilience by Dr Bov Jani, previous RCPCH’s Officer for Professional Development 

The main highlights are below:

Medical practitioners have highest incidence of work related mental ill health along with armed forces. Fitness to practice is amongst our professional responsibilities and wellbeing may be linked to better patient safety, better clinical outcomes and for a fulfilling career

We have many professional vulnerabilities (self-critical, lack self-compassion, increased vulnerability to mood, eating disorder, addiction, suicide, career transitions cause significant stress, mental health, disability is stigma/taboo, perfectionism, blame culture, licensing/employing authorities wish to identify practitioners in difficulty, our revalidation enquires about wellbeing,  there is denial/concealment and challenging working environment)

Stress and stressors in the NHS (workload/lack of support, working hours/shifts/commute, sleep disturbance, ineffective leadership and management, excessive and punitive governance, patient care demands, funding issues, deaths/significant incidents, bullying/undermining, difficult colleagues/teams, complaints/litigation, performance drives, interpersonal/ethical conflicts, changes to contract and term of service, Covid 19


  • Proactive workshops, self-help, develop self-compassion, mindfulness, miscellaneous techniques, seek help, help/support others
  • Understanding the human mind – the emotional regulation system (drive, threat, soothing systems)
  • Change your behaviours, avoid dependency, avoid the helpless, improve self esteem with self-affirmation/assertiveness, develop human spirituality, coping strategies


“Confessions of a portfolio career addict” by Dr Jo Szram, Adult Respiratory Physician and HEE Dean for Flexible training. 

Watch the recording here: Confessions of a portfolio career addict youtube video

  1. Your plan versus reality
  2. How do you do it all? One life with both aspects integrated rather than balanced (professional and personal lives)
  3. Challenges of working in health care and authenticity
  4. Gratitude – glass half full mentality (humans have a natural negative focus), she talked about forgiveness and stress
  5. Talking (Listening) is the best medicine
  6. Talked about values and the importance of these
  7. Imposter syndrome being a normal human response
  8. Mental health and wellbeing
  9. Understanding our brain and emotional regulation system
  10. The autopilot mode versus mindfulness – basics first


 Less than Full Time Discussions;

A summary of the LTFT team can be found on the website along with the interview here: LTFT Youtube Recording

Interview with Clare Bell (just appointed Paediatric Consultant) and Jonathan Round (Head of School, Paediatric Intensivist)

  • What does ideal work-life balance mean for them? How would they rate their current work-life balance? What are they able to do and what do they wish they could do to improve their work life balance?
  • Lots of wisdom about the phases during training when one needs to put more extra time into work (SHO, end of training),ring fencing days off, learning to say no, more focus on digital wellbeing, what is normal in terms of time spent in professional life?
  • Ideal balance depends on drive, coping, commitments, isn’t it just LIFE and we have to accommodate professional and personal aspects? 55-60 h work/week but also lots of time off. Don’t burn out. Do what you believe in, control your effort, effort has to be in balance with the reward. Improve the sense of when things aren’t going right. Accepted stress maybe30% rest should be rewarding, stress tolerance differs from people to people. Listen to people who know you well.

The same questions were discussed in small groups after this, the feedback summary is below:

  • Audit and review commitments every 6 months
  • Techniques to decline additional work requests (eg signpost to another interested trainee – with their permission)
  •  Protective time for work and non-work related commitments
  • Set clear barriers
  • Tracking time spent with work (especially the not strictly clinical work)
  •  Fixed evening or set time off during the week on the rota (to be free to commit to activity etc)
  • Synergy of work and life
  • Ownership of own time
  • Having control and ownership
  •  Self-rostering
  • Portfolio career
  • Pendulum: harder phases mixed with easier phases – short term predictable swings (start of rotation)
  • Recognition of time off and accepting that people wish to train LTFT as personal choice
  •  Step back when not there (be there when there) – both in professional and personal life
  • How to make it work is very personal – no one size fits all


Information Sharing: 

This summary was email to your trust reps and college tutors with all the attachments, and should have been forwarded to you all.

Also some of the talks were recorded and are now available on the LSP Youtube Channel: LSP YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Important dates to remember: 

International Practitioner Health Summit 2022: The Wounded Healer 

The NHS Practitioner Health Programme in association with Healthcare Conferences UK are pleased to announce the International Practitioner Health Summit 2022, which will focus on Hope and Healing beyond Covid-19. If you are interested in attending please contact me (on this email) as I should be able to arrange a 20% discount!!! 

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LSP Online Education Programme – **ONLINE Teaching planned for every Tuesday**:

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London School of Paediatrics Conference 2022 

SAVE THE DATE – Tuesday 1st March 2022


Trainee Committee Recruitment 

A new recruitment round is coming up. This year we are looking for specific roles such as website developers, secretary, treasurer and a deputy chair. We will also be looking for a few new members to specific subgroups and those with any new project ideas which would fit within our committee remit!!!  So get thinking about any positions you may want to apply for! More details available soon 🙂


Next Meetings: 

  • Trainee Committee Development Day & Meeting (for TPDs & TC)- Thursday 28th October 2021
  • LSP Showcase (for TC, TPDs, CTs & TRs) – Tuesday 30th November 2021

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