LSP Wellbeing Resource Pack

Our Surviving and Thriving group have released an incredible WELLBEING RESOURCE PACK!!!

Featuring the NEW WELLBEING WHEEL, looking at all of the different aspects of training that effect our wellbeing, and we have provided some great resources and tools that can help you in addressing these potential triggers!

We would like to by emphasise that it is so important to check in on yourself and ask ‘Am I coping? Am I looking after myself? Am I surviving?’ If you aren’t then come back to this pack, check out the resources, and remember YOU ARE NEVER ALONE and IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK. Come find us and we will always help!

‘Our Mission In Life Is Not Merely To Survive, But To Thrive’. -Maya Angelou

If there is ANYTHING you have found useful and would like to add to the pack, please email our team on

With thanks to the Surviving and Thriving Subgroup in particular Saranya Ravindran, Roland Bensted, Sarah McLoughlin, Nisha Patel & Su Laurent 🙂
LSP Wellbeing Resource Pack