Paediatric Sleep, 10 & 11 February 2020, Imperial College London

The course covers normal and disordered sleep in the paediatric patient, ranging from infancy to adolescence, with a focus on the most common problems seen in clinical practice today. The impact of sleep problems on a wide range of developmental areas will be discussed including growth, cognition, behaviour, memory and learning. Clinical examination of the child at risk of respiratory and/or non-respiratory sleep disorders will be covered, including how to take a comprehensive sleep history. Polysomnography and other methods of measuring sleep will be introduced. Translational research that focuses on the impact of asthma and other atopic diseases on sleep quality during childhood will be presented. 

The course aims to provide historical and modern perspectives in sleep medicine with a dual emphasis: theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are most useful in a clinical setting.  

This course will benefit paediatricians, GPs, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals involved in Child Health.

Fees: £395 Doctors / £300 Nurses & AHPs

Venue: Imperial College London, St Mary’s Campus

For further information and online registration visit:

Contact: Eva Moreno, CPD, Imperial College London, or +44 (0)207 594 6885