Nutrition, growth and development of the child, 3 & 4 February 2020, Imperial College London

This short course will include normal control of fetal growth and disorders of growth pre-birth. There will be significant emphasis on exploring the genetic and environmental influences on growth before birth. Normal patterns of infant growth will be explored as well as common disorders, including behavioural feeding problems. Faltering and excess weight gain will be discussed.

The influence of allergy and food intolerance as a growth problem will be looked at from an epidemiological, immunological and clinical standpoint. The course will cover hormonal control of growth throughout childhood and important disorders. Specific nutritional problems common in infancy- Vitamin D, iron deficiency and the public health aspects of common disorders of infant and child nutrition will be explored as well as control of puberty and common variants and the investigation of abnormalities of growth throughout childhood.

This course would benefit Paediatricians, GPs, Nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals involved in Child Health.

Fees: £395 Doctors / £300 Nurses & AHPs

Venue: Imperial College London, St Mary’s Campus

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Contact: or +44 (0)207 594 6885