‘Conversations for Life’ course for ST4-ST5 (Level 2)

This is a new and exciting course designed with the team at Hackney Arc and the London School of Paediatrics Simulation Network to help trainees with tricky consultations that push our communication skills. Aimed at level 2 trainees but opened to keen level 1 and level 3 trainees too, it is designed as SIM based course to push delegates on how they respond and react to tricky consultations that we may face as clinicians.
With shared learning in mind and incorporating themes such as child safeguarding, the unaccompanied minor and breaking bad news to parents, it aims to look at how we react and manage challenging clinical situations in real time. 
Places are limited and free. 
Venue: Thursday 21st of November, 2019. 1300-1700 at the Homerton Hospital (Clinical skills centre)
Contact: Dr Najette Ayadi O’Donnell for further information and to secure a place (n.ayadio’donnell@nhs.net)