2022 Simulation Programme UPDATE

The London School of Paediatrics Simulation Training Programme Directors are delighted to announce that we are planning our programme for 2022.

We are going to be running the following simulation days across centres in London:

  • Full Immersion days for ST3, ST1 doctors and for paediatric nurses

These are full days and will include five simulated scenarios

  • Part Task/Communication days for ST3 doctors

Theses are full days – with a half day focused on Part Task procedures (basic and advanced airways including tracheostomies, chest drains, intra-ossesous needle placement) and the other half day focused on Communication scnenarios with a professional role player playing the parent.

Debriefing on both days will be done by expert faculty and candidates from our London School of Paediatrics Simulation Faculty Development Programme.

If there are changes to restrictions then we will revisit this plan.  We may hold some remote virtual communication half days if required.

We are now planning dates with our centres and these will be circulated early next year – with courses taking place from March onwards.  Please wait for the dates to be advertised on the LSP website – information will become available on the simulation page and through the Bulletin.  

More information will be posted in early 2022.

If you are an ST3 moving to ST4 in March then please get in touch as we would be delighted for you to join the training days.

Many thanks,

Your LSP Simulation Training Programme Directors:

Mehrengise Cooper, Amutha Anpananthar, Morwenna Hodin, Trisha Radia