The GOSH Paediatric Long-Term Ventilation Course 2024

Thursday 6 June, 9:00-17:30: Online lectures
Friday 7 June, 9:00-17:30: Face-to-face (F2F) workshops at Holiday Inn Bloomsbury 

A comprehensive 2-day course focusing on the care of children requiring long-term invasive or non-invasive ventilation

Day 1 virtual lecture based teaching on:

  • Sleep disordered breathing in children
  • Indications and epidemiology of long-term ventilation (invasive and non-invasive ventilation) in children
  • From pathophysiology to the practicalities e.g., investigations, initiation, monitoring, escalating/weaning ventilation
  • Long-term ventilation and ethical issues

Day 2 face-to-face workshop based teaching on:

  • Choice of ventilator and interface, including hands on experience of equipment, mask fitting, circuits
  • Clinical scenarios, troubleshooting clinical or equipment problems
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Introduction to cough assist

Learning objectives: 

  • Understanding of the indications and epidemiology of long-term ventilation (invasive and non-invasive) in children.
  • Provide practical skills around initiation and care of long-term ventilation in children, including choices of ventilators, interface, mask fitting, tracheostomy care and circuits.
  • Tips on troubleshoot clinical scenarios and equipment problems.
  • Provide an overview of the multidisciplinary input to the care of long-term ventilated children.

Who should attend?

General/Respiratory Paediatric Trainees, Paediatricians, Nurses, Allied Health Care professionals and Carers.


The course programme will be added in spring.

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