Simulation Programme – new dates added

We have a new date added to the LSP Simulation Programme.

This training is open to Level 1 trainees and is divided into the following:

Full Immersion days – these days will give trainees the opportunity to work in a team on the management of acute paediatric and neonatal simulated scenarios. The days are led by expert paediatric simulation faculty and will take place in a psychological safe setting with debriefing on both technical (clinical) and n-technical (human factors) skills.

Part-Task with Communication days – these days are divided into two sessions and will give trainees the opportunity to undertake Part-Task skills (practical skills) and learn them in a safe environment.  The Communication part of the day will involve communicating challenging information with a professional role player being the parent.  The debrief is undertaken with expert simulation faculty, the professional role player and other trainees observing and taking part enabling safe group learning.

Full Immersion with Part Task day – only one date at RBH.  This will be day will include full immersion scenarios and practical skills training together.  An expert simulation faculty will support the day.

For more information please go to the Simulation page.

Simulation Centre Part-Task/Communication Full Immersion Full Immersion with Part Task Contact Email for bookings
UCLH 11th June 9th July Hannah Jacob
SGH 3rd May – GAP centre SGH Dilanee Sangaran Booking link-
Kingston 10th July Jane Runnacles and Becky Hodgkinson Booking link-

C&W 27th June 28th June Adele Cowper
Royal Free 7th June Zareen Italia
Roal Brompton 21st June Abhishek Narayanan 
SMH 29th July 12th July, 1st August Mehrengise Cooper 
Whipps Cross 27th June
Royal London 21st June – 2 courses
Queen’s Romford 8th July Chantal Ellis