Paediatric Family Project 2021-2022 RECRUITMENT NOW OPEN

Dear Paediatric Trainee,

The Paediatric Family Project is recruiting NOW!

Do you want to help boost trainee morale, share your practical tips, help with exams and make new friends?

The Paediatric Family Project matches trainees across the London deanery using informal peer mentoring.

ST1 mentoring

The project aims to provide new ST1 doctors with support during their first year of training (which we all know can be challenging). The mentor needs to be ST4+ to participate in the project.

ST4 mentoring

In the past few years we have  launched a successful ST4 mentoring programme using ST6+ trainees to support ST4 trainees through the transition phase to registrar level.

Mentor benefits:

As a mentor you will be provided with free online mentoring training, regular email support and a certificate for your portfolio. If you are an ST6+ then you are eligible to mentor both an ST1 and an ST4.


If you would like to participate in the Paediatric Family Project from September 2020, please email the following details to:


Grade from September 2021:

Hospital you will be working at from September 2021:

Would you like to mentor an ST1?:

Would you like to mentor an ST4?:

Are you a LTFT trainee?

Are you an International Medical Graduate (IMG) trainee?

Thank you for all your support!


Surviving and Thriving Subgroup Lead

London School of Paediatrics​