Launch of the LSoP online learning programme!

Announcing the launch the LSoP online learning programme!

We have created a timetable for online group teaching: a mixture of general teaching, group support sessions and a ’shared learning’ session each week; mostly Consultant led where possible. We have scheduled one of the teaching session to be early evening.

LSoP now have a paid ‘Pro’ account with GoToMeeting. This allows up to 150 attendees for an unlimited duration.


What Shall we teach?

  • General Teaching: topics relevant to the current times but also general paediatric and neonatal sessions. This will include, for example, safeguarding and issues such as domestic violence, since there is a significant risk to children during lockdown.
  • Support Sessions: Serena Haywood at St. George’s has kindly agreed to run one sessions per week.  We will try to run a second session too; TBA.
  • Sharing Perspectively between Centres’: this is intended as a facilitated discussion to share learning around COVID preparations and issues, but could cover anything and everything. If we can make it work, great. If not, it can cross over into a teaching session.


What about the 8pm Trainee Peer-support meetings?
These continue on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm


Gathering Feedback

There is a SurveyMonkey set up ready to go; same one for each session. The link is at the top of the timetable, and trainee attendees should be reminded to complete it please. We will need to adjust the format to make this work well over time.



How do I access the teaching timetable?


How do I join / Hows does it work?
The Google Spreadsheet has 2 tabs: the timetable including feedback survey link, and a second tab with an overview (and session lead instructions).


What if I still need help?
Ask Nick Prince:


Pre-existing local online teaching:
Any local teaching already planned for online, please could you let me know and we can bring it pan-London via this timetable.


Sessions Leads / Teachers:
I need volunteers please.  Please message me directly:


How far ahead will we plan?
Let’s plan ahead as far as we can, but we all recognise things will change rapidly and sessions might need rescheduling or falter at the last minute. We can only try!


Here’s that link again:


Thank you so much.

Best wishes

Dr N Prince

Consultant Paediatric Intensivist and College Tutor for Paediatrics,
St. George’s Hospital, London.

Training Programme Director, London School of Paediatrics