International Child Health Conference

Are you interested in international child health? Have an interest in early child development? Then read on…


The first 1000 days of a child’s life are the most crucial period of brain development.  Early child development has been acknowledged as the single-most important predictor of human capital but has lagged behind growth, nutrition and infectious diseases on the global child health agenda.  An estimated 1 in 5 children globally are at risk of not achieving their developmental potential by 5 years of age due to poverty and stunting alone. Up to 80% of these delays are preventable through early interventions if administered during the first 2 years of life.


The 2021 International Child Health Group Conference “Early Child Development: Silent Emergency or Unique Opportunity being held 12th November 2021, brings together the latest early child development research from across the world to answer important questions relating to risk and resilience; screening and intervention; race and ethnicity and the impact of societies in flux on early child development as we know it.  The morning features plenary talks from world leading experts in the field whilst the afternoon will include a choice of 11 small group workshops.


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