Have you thought about publishing in the BMJ?

We were really lucky to have Juliet Dobson and Kate Adlington from the BMJ come and speak at the LSP Day on the 28th May.


They spoke about opinion pieces and educational articles – both of which provide great opportunities for publication


Opinion Pieces

These are personal takes or critical views on a topical healthcare issue.

They are highly readable pieces which appeal to an international readership of healthcare professionals.

The journal is looking for topical pieces from the frontline of medicine with a focus on issues which affect clinical practice.

The pieces need to be 650-800 words, relevant, thoughtful and memorable.


Education Articles

These are clinically based articles on topics non-specialist clinicians need help with – they’re usually targeted at GPs.

These should also appeal to an international readership and consideration should be given to patient partnerships.

There are several article types – Clinical Updates, Practice pointer, Easily Missed, Rational Testing and 10 Minute Consultations the details of which can be found on the BMJ website.

If you’re interested, you’re encouraged to get in touch with a pitch and the editorial team can help you – think about who the article is for, the key learning points and why it’s of interest now.


Top Tips

Be polite and proactive.

If you’re interested send a draft or pitch to the team- they’re happy to offer feedback.

They get a large volume of submissions so don’t be put off if you’re not successful initially – ask how things could be revised or where else the work might fit.

Stick to the outline and instructions and think about images, diagrams, videos and podcasts that can add value.


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