Get involved with Healthier Together!

South West London Healthier Together is a programme to improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities for children and pregnant women, through establishing a collaborative network of professionals centred around each child. There are resources for professionals on managing common paediatric conditions and resources for families to manage the care of their children in the appropriate setting.

There are lots of areas in which trainees can get involved. We’d welcome anyone who has an interest in developing new guidelines or parent/carer-facing content. From a public health perspective, trainees can potentially fulfil their outcome 5 objectives by helping to develop, enhance or disseminate resources on subjects including obesity, vaccination, refugee support or cost of living support. There are many areas to get involved in. Our programme links in with public health teams in SWL as well as vaccine teams. There are specific public health targeted interventions within our area for air pollution and vaping which we aim to collaborate with also.

To hear more details or get involved please contact Dr Darren Ranasinghe at