Final call for trainee organisers for RSM study days 2019/20

We are still looking for trainee organisers to help with the following London School of Paediatrics level 2 RSM study days:


cardiology- Wednesday 23rd October 2019

evidence based medicine- Wednesday 13th November 2019

(please email for the above two)


ID and sexual health- Tuesday 9th June 2020

nephrology- Wednesday 15th July 2020

(for these two please email


This is a great opportunity to network with specialists from across London to put together an interesting programme that is relevant to the RCPCH progress curriculum with a practical focus for ST4/5 trainees. We recommend working as a pair with at least one more senior trainee with a specialist interest/grid trainee. Do get in touch if you have any questions or to discuss further.

Thank you


Mando, Caroline and Jane

TPDs in LSP Education group