Excellence Exchange Visit #1 – UCH Paediatrics

Excellence Exchange  – UCH

The quality subgroup, along with Khadija and Jonathan went to join the team at UCH for the first Excellence Exchange. This activity aims to work with local trusts to explore how training works at local sites, taking the findings of the annual School Survey and using this to lead a one hour workshop. The purpose is twofold – to find out what is going right (and why) and to look at areas that are not performing so well.

So on the 12th of November 2019, the team joined the paediatrics teaching meeting at 0830, with trainees and consultants who had been gathered by the College Tutor –

Sarah Eisen and Trust Reps – Hannah Jacobs, Jonathan Cookson and Najette Ayadi O’Donnell.


The Excellence: What & How has it been achieved

  1. Supportive, Engaged, Flexible Consultants:

Consultants prioritised training opportunities (Study leave, clinics etc), and were approachable (First name terms with mobile numbers on Handover sheet). The consultants were a cohesive group presenting a unified team and attitude to training. They were solution focused and keen to listen to trainees being open to new initiatives and ideas (Greatix, Rainbow badges). The Clinical Lead and College Tutor were proactive and enthusiastic.

  1. Rest facilities and Morale:

There was a culture of supporting breaks, with the whole MDT onboard (walk around prior to break to identify concerns/answer questions, inform of location, nurse in charge filters bleeps-only urgent bleeps), and managerial support to purchase futons (yes, futons!). We found a culture of looking after each other. A welcome email from the CT at the start of the job introduced consultants, and asked about specific training needs/interest.  Monthly Senior-Junior meetings really opened up the department to hearing what was going on.

  1. Training and Teaching Opportunities:

There are protected Wednesday Afternoon teaching sesisons (2-5pm, with skeletal on-call staffing, bleep free, cross site UCH, Royal Free and Whittington). Grandover, Micro-teaching, Organised in advance by trainees with Consultant support- time for preparation. There are also opportunities to teach medical students and get involved with simulation.


To achieve further Excellence: Analysis & Action Plan

  1. Scheduled time for Management opportunities and Admin: QI, Guideline development, Clinic, Patient follow up.

Plan: Learning & Education board: A board in the doctors office to highlight training & teaching opportunities and current projects (QI, guideline development) and record trainee clinic attendance, WPBAs, Leading WR etc to ensure equal training opportunities.

  1. Leadership opportunities for SHOs

Plan: 1. SHO led ward-round of 2 patients a day, Consultant and patient feedback, WPBA

  1. Project database-a database of ongoing projects (eg PEDLS) to ensure completion and to assign juniors during induction, to be sent out with Welcome email.

Excellence Exchange Champion (incl Email): Hamish Robertson – Hamish.Robertson@nhs.net

Review Date: December 2019 (LFG meeting)

My thanks to the Exchange team Khadija Ben-Sasi, Margot Van de Vijver, Katie Ferin


Jonathan Round

Head of School

PS – where next?? We are planning visits to Woolwich, GOSH and Hillingdon in the next months.