‘Conversations for life- How to manage young people in distress’

Ever felt stuck with how to deal with young people in emotional crisis?

Ever felt underprepared to deal with a disclosure of sexual abuse ?

Ever felt felt you didn’t know where to turn when a young person is brought in as a victim of criminal exploitation?

This course might be for you!

‘Conversations for life-How to manage young people in distress’ is a communication course aimed at the multidisciplinary team and how to deal with challenging situations we face when meeting young people. Run by a mixed faculty of paediatrician’s, psychiatrist’s, social worker’s and psychologist’ it aims to give you the tools to deal and reflect on some of the challenging situations we may face when managing young people in distressed. With the use of interactive scenarios, cases are based on real cases that require a MDT and thoughtful approach.

Places are £50 and limited.

Please use this Eventbrite link to secure a place on a first come, first served basis. We will have a waiting list.

Please share amongst your MDT’s as we are encouraging all who support Young people to join. If you are a trainee in paediatrics, CAMHS, ED, Primary care or work as a nurse or allied health (Social care, psychology CAMHS practioners etc…).

Book a place via this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conversations-for-life-how-to-manage-young-people-in-distress-tickets-628417582907

Do contact: N.ayadio’donnell@nhs.net with any questions.