Advice for trainees and trainers on new HEE study leave policies

Many of you have had questions about the new study leave policies implemented by HEE on the 1st April. We hope this document will clarify the process and put at peace any anxieties.
The vision
To help direct study leave budget to the largest number of trainees and to the most relevant training activities
The practicalities.
The Trust policies in terms of which form to submit, whom to submit to and the timescale of submission remain unaltered – please refer to your local postgraduate centre for this.
HEE asked the School of Paediatrics to produce a list of all of the mandatory courses required by all paediatric trainees, and those priority courses hosted or supported by LSP (some of which may be mandatory for individual trainees e.g. aspects of GRID training).  It is never possible to produce an all encompassing list due to the wonderful breadth of training opportunities available within London and the dynamic nature of new courses being developed.
If the course a trainee wishes to undertake is on the list provided on the HEE website the trainee can submit the form as previously directly via their local pathways and the course should be approved with minimal difficulty.
Unfortunately there were some omissions on the initial course list for paediatrics including RSM days, Child Bereavement days, Transition to Leadership, QI change champions, PICH, LME evenings, Case Exchange. We are working swiftly to get the list updated. In a number of days the list found on this link should be updated on the HEE portal.
Until then, and for all other courses, if the trainee has requested study leave for a course run directly by the London School of Paediatrics (see, that is relevant to the trainee’s level of training, we request that the educational supervisor approves the request directly. This also applies to any courses set out to be mandatory/advised for a GRID trainee according to their GRID curriculum. If these requests are rejected by the Postgraduate Medical Centre – please email any TPD to get authorisation for this. The TPD will be able to authorise this and reply back directly to the trainees and educational supervisors.
This does not apply to ‘aspirational’ courses.’Aspirational’ courses should be those that are more unusual. For these trainees should continue to seek authorisation by emailing your TPD explaining why you would like to do the course/attend the conference and how it is relevant to your training. The full list of TPD contacts is available on the trainee support page of the LSP website via the previous link
We hope this information makes this new system of working easier to navigate.
Kate Dharmarajah (Co-chair of the Trainees committee), Camilla Kingdon (Head of School), Mando Watson (TPD and lead for curriculum)

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