The National Study Leave reform work can be found here:


The processes and opportunities for trainees in London and KSS are contained in the following website:

If you are asked for a "code" when applying for study leave then these are available in the document found under "study leave course lists"

And the list of mandatory and optional study leave activities for paediatrics can be found on the website above, under the 'paediatrics' tab at the bottom of the page.

You will see from the above links that the notion of a “budget” per trainee has now been superseded by a series of events linked to curriculum attainment to promote trainee development. Please use the above information during discussions with educational supervisors when planning study leave requests. Trainees should ensure the relevant curriculum code is applied when applying for study leave to ensure that the local PGME office are clear on the event or course and should ensure that the course or event is relevant to their training programme and training year.

Trainees – remember to follow your trust study leave process for applying for time away from your organisation and ensure all applications are approved for both time and funding in line with the agreed timeframes of your employer.

Aspirational Events

Where you wish to attend an event that is not on the curriculum lists then aspirational approval should be obtained from the Training Programme Director and the relevant Head of Speciality School. Trainees are responsible for obtaining the aspirational approval code to submit to the Trust to approve the claim. Local PGME offices are NOT responsible for this and must not be expected to chase TPDs and HoS for approval. The process for seeking aspirational approval is on the website indicated above. Training programme directors will process your request within 2 weeks and pass it to the Head of School for financial sign off. The aspirational code will be generated by our HET Business Support team. Trainee are encouraged to contact their PGME office early in the process to ensure that the approval of the event can take place in an appropriate time frame. Trainees should adhere to any local PGME office rules or restrictions in the application process.

At the time of writing there is an approval cap on the level of support for aspirational events of £1000. This may be subject to change depending on budgetary limitations and the need to support mandatory and optional curriculum events in the future. Trainees should not make a financial commitment to a course or event until they have received confirmation from the Head of School of the amount of support allocated to a claim.

International Travel, accommodation and subsistence

Costs associated with international travel, international accommodation and subsistence during international events will NOT be covered by the study leave budget and trainees should take this into account when applying for international events.

We anticipate the changes will be beneficial to trainees to gain the necessary curriculum competencies and we appreciate your patience as we embed this complex piece of work.

HET Business Support Team on behalf of Dr Gary Wares, Deputy Dean for North East and North Central London and Lead Dean for Study Leave