A day focused on helping trainees survive and thrive through their training. Open to trainees of all levels, the day embodies the topics and areas that the S&T group aims to promote throughout the Paediatric community. It is a safe space where we can focus on those areas of training, work and life that we can all potentially find difficult at times. The day aims to point trainees in the right direction for support and help for a wide range of issues. We hope attendees leave with new creative ideas about developing practices and skills that can help them in all areas of their work and beyond - and in turn improve the care we give patients. 


January 2021 was the first virtual day and it was a great success. With a wide range of sessions including:

  • Keynote speaker: Caroline Elton - The inner lives of doctors
  • Looking after our own mental health - a session from a PHP counsellor 
  • Drawing on our feelings - an interactive drawing session
  • A yogic breathing session. 
  • Dealing with child bereavement - a talk from our very own Sue Laurent
  • Personal stories from fellow trainees - learning from each other

We plan to run the next day after the new intake has started -  late summer/ early autumn.