Mission Statement:

Our vision is to guarantee every prospective and current trainee has the support and ability too…

SURVIVE the challenges and hurdles of paediatric training 


THRIVE throughout by embracing positivity, rejoicing in excellence and aspiring to inspire! 


‘Our Mission in Life is Not Merely to Survive, But to Thrive.’ Maya Angelou


Group members:  


Name  Picture  Email Address (nhs.net)  Project involved in 

(state if the subgroup lead/ mentor for project) 

Steph Tolan stephanietolan@nhs.net Subgroup Lead

Paediatric Family Project Lead

Sarah Taylor s.taylor63@nhs.net ST1 Induction Day
Saranya Ravindran saranya.ravindran@nhs.net Surviving and Thriving Day

Wellbeing Evening

Sarah McLoughlin smcloughlin@nhs.net Surviving and Thriving Day 

Retention Project

Nisha Patel nisha.patel12@doctors.net.uk Paediatric Positivity Project

Surviving & Thriving Days

(Taking a break while Chair of the Committee)

Anji Mallick a.mallick@nhs.net Retention Project


Lizzie Leith elizabethleith@nhs.net Retention Project 
Laura White  



laura.white14@nhs.net LTFT
Mumtaz Mooncey mumtaz.mooncey@nhs.net Project Positivity 

ST1 Induction 

Kate Lydekker k.lydekker@nhs.net Paediatric Family Project
Joseph Machta joseph.machta@nhs.net Educational Supervision

LSP Twitter: Co-Lead Tweeter

Natalie Wyatt nataliewyatt@nhs.net GRID/SPIN Evening lead
Erin Butterworth  



erin.butterworth@nhs.net PRACP
Trisha Radia trisharadia@nhs.net TPD


Tessa Davis tessa.davis@nhs.net TPD

Recruitment and Retention

Kirsty Watts kirsty.watts2@nhs.net  


Educational Supervision


Su Laurent


sue.laurent@nhs.net TPD


Thinking Together