Info: Our subgroup is the newest within the trainees committee, established in October 2020. This was due to the increasing demand for and popularity of training flexibly driven by the introduction of category 3 LTFT training opportunity. 


Mission Statement 

Our vision is to provide information, influence and appropriate support for those training or wishing to train flexibly and make flexible training a positive experience for all. We are committed to changing the culture and perception of ‘less than’ to ‘less is more’. We hope to see all trainees flourish with flexibility, be a joy to employ and make Paediatrics the most attractive specialty through the attitude to flexibility and the support provided. 



Share our knowledge about all aspects of LTFT training, establish and keep up-to-date a comprehensive LTFT information pool. Establish more structured support for LTFT trainees. Bring together and connect with trainees, trainers, programme management, employers and trusts. Link-in and learn from others with varied experience of flexible training.  

See more information about less than full time training here:

Group members


Name  Picture  Email Address (  Project involved in 

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Kate Quinan Subgroup co-lead

LTFT information pool, information evening

Conflict resolution, mitigation 

Meghai Dutta Oncoming subgroup co-lead

LTFT information evening

Conflict resolution, mitigation 

Rachel Jones LTFT information evening

Conflict resolution, mitigation 

Sarah Taylor LTFT information evening
Stephanie Habermann LTFT information evening
Lydia Yarlott Currently on Leave
Polly Robinson LTFT information evening

Conflict resolution, mitigation 

Syed Mohiuddin LTFT TPD

LTFT information pool

Paediatric Family Flexi support

Conflict resolution, mitigation 

Khadija Ben-Sasi TPD Programme Management Level 1
Kum Gomez TPD Programme Management Level 2
Shanthi Shanmugalingam TPD Programme Management Level 3