March 2024: 

  • Our Improving Working Lives Guidance is here. We hope this is the start of something big. Trainees and employers/departments alike we urge you to all have a look at this series of guidance points on key employer/departmental practices and consider how this compares to how things are where you work. We know there are huge pressures in all aspects of the health service and we hope this will help all stakeholders. so start a conversation in your teams and engage constructively and collaboratively with your employers to see how you can work towards improving working lives with this handy guide
  • All the Types of Leave Guidance launches. We’re pretty proud of this detailed and exhaustive guide to all the types of leave (mainstream and niche) that you may require over your career. If you have a leave question, the answer is in here. Please share widely.

13/02/24 Flexible Working & Pay Open Forum: the first of our 2024 forums was really well attended, lots of important topics discussed. Looking forward to the next one!

RELEASED NOV 2023: “Life as a Trainee and a New Parent”, detailed guide to pregnancy, maternity, parental leave, adoption and more! Check it out in our ‘Pregnancy, Maternity and Return to Work’ Section

Updated Flexible working guide available in ‘publications’ tab. Includes updated 2023 Pay Scales for detailed pay calculations

August 2023: Pregnancy, Maternity and Parental Leave Infographic released. Available within ‘publications’ section

May 2023: LTFT/Flexible working guide launched. Full of information on LTFT working and HOW TO CHECK YOUR PAY on the 2016 contract.

May 2023: Pay posters go viral at RCPCH23. Work from esteemed subgroup members Hermione & Dom goes twitter-viral at RCPCH. Lets ride this wave to fix pay for junior doctors across the board!

23/01/23: New HEE LTFT application link, now live:

@LTFT_LSP launches into the Twittersphere. Follow us and stay updated with all things LTFT:


Jan ’23: GOSH confirm reduced mess fees for LTFT trainees! This to our knowledge is a WORLD FIRST. Ask your junior doctor forum to do the same! #mess4less


For the next window there will no longer be LTFT application categories. See the HEE website and our information page for more.

Dec ’22: LTFT FAQs

LTFT training brings up a host of frequently asked questions so to save you time, there is a handy selection of FAQs covering a range of aspects of LTFT working on the webpage.


click below to dive into an array of stories from Paediatric LTFT’ers published in the hottest new journal in town

Welcome to the newest and most flexible subgroup within the trainees committee!! We were established in October 2020 with the focus of our subcommittee to provide information, influence and appropriate support for those training or wishing to train flexibly and make flexible training a positive experience for all. We are committed to changing the culture and perception of ‘less than’ to ‘less is more’. In 2023 we have evolved into ‘Working Lives & LTFT’ to reflect our engagement in workstreams that affect all trainees (i.e. pay accuracy)

What we will do for you

  • Share our knowledge about all aspects of LTFT training & establish more structured support for LTFT trainees
  • Improve trainee and other stakeholder knowledge on key aspects of our working lives, including: –
    • pay accuracy
    • improved understanding, administration and delivery of special forms of leave (i.e. maternity, paternity, parental)
    • good rostering
  • Bring together and connect with trainees, trainers, programme management, employers and trusts
  • Link-in and learn from others with varied experience of flexible training and improving working lives

Contact Us: Please feel free get in touch with any queries via our email. This includes to support you with potential conflict situations between yourself and employer, i.e. rotas/pay etc. We try to mitigate and help finding solutions (based on previous experiences and examples) that are fair for flexible trainees and trusts alike.

Current Subgroup Members: