The IT and Communications group seeks to use technology to enhance learning provisions within LSoP and to try to bring us all closer together.

The website you are reading right now is an LSoP initiative, as is the automated monthly bulletin which summarises the main news content from the site each month in a newsletter. Whilst no longer ground breaking, very few schools around the country have managed to set up these facilities.

More recently, the IT group was instrumental in launching the LSoP Online Learning programme during the start of the COVID pandemic. We now host a rich resource of teaching videos on YouTube as a result. The online programme continues, but in a less intense manner now that we are able, and more keen, to meet up face to face.

Future projects include e-rostering rotas to improve all of our lives, development of the software to run a journal alongside the education fellow, and development of more recorded online video content.

After that, we might start working on the first fully autonomous, robotic e-Paediatrician; we'll see.....



Name  Picture  Email Address (  Project involved in 

(state if the subgroup lead/ mentor for project) 

Priyen Shah All round IT guru

  • IT Subgroup Co-Lead
  • E-Rostering Project 
  • Website Structure
Andy Chapman Currently on sabbatical, but due back with full force in late 2022
Josh Hodgson A keen bean with an eye for detail
Raymond Pang What this guy doesn't know about e-Newsletter isn't worth knowing
Lydia Yarlott All star tech entrepreneur
Nick Prince TPD and ancient member who recalls the early computers of the 80s.