‘The jam spreaders of the LSP - getting the good stuff to every corner’


Mission Statement 

To facilitate feedback, inspire innovation and empower trainee led excellence



-facilitate feedback via the school survey and from trust reps

-amalgamate examples of excellence from across the region

-inspire and empower trainees to drive improvements to training locally

-support trusts to deliver outstanding training


Group members 


Name  Picture  Email Address (nhs.net)  Project involved in 

(state if the subgroup lead/ mentor for project) 

Alex Perkins alexandra.perkins@nhs.net Subgroup lead
Margot van de Vijver margot.vandevijver@nhs.net Subgroup lead
Audrey Soo audreysookershin@gmail.com
Katie Ferin katheryn.ferin@nhs.net 
Thomas Rance thomas.rance@nhs.net 
Anna Stilwell philippa.stilwell@nhs.net
Katie Evans katie.evans7@nhs.net
Emily Skinner emily.skinner3@nhs.net
Mariyum Hyrapetian m.hyrapetian@nhs.net 
Bridget Callaghan bridget.callaghan@gosh.nhs.uk Training Programme Director
Olu Wilkey olu.wilkey@nhs.net Training Programme Director