Mission StatementĀ 

To support paediatric training in London to ensure our trainees get the best training in the world!Ā Ā 

Although most of a paediatric traineeā€™s learning will occur in the workplace, regional training courses courses exist to supplement this learning, with a focus on topics that are difficult to deliver in local trusts. Check out our regional training courses here! Ā 


We aim to maximise training opportunities in the workplace and to support this learning with high-quality, relevant, regional teaching programs. These programs are designed to help doctors of all training levels provide excellent care to their patients and to prepare them for their future paediatric careers.

Subgroup membersĀ 

Please contact us using the emails below if you would like to get involved or have any questions about our projects! There is also more information about each of our projects found on the links on the left.


Name Email Address My Committee Roles & Projects
Richard Berg richardberg@nhs.net

Subgroup Lead

Transition to Consultant

Online Learning

Selina Sandhar selinasandhar@gmail.com Subgroup Lead

Leadership, Management and Education Program

Katie Birley kathleenbirley@gmail.com Transition to Consultant
Emma Russell-Jones emma.russell-jones@nhs.net Case Exchange

Transition to Leadership

Matt Crawley matthew.crawley@nhs.net Simulation
Renee Burnett renee.burnett1@nhs.net Simulation
Sarah Sturrock sarah.s.sturrock@googlemail.com Case Exchange

Deputy Chair of the Trainees Committee

Neaha Patel neaha.patel@nhs.net Transition to Leadership
Yasmin Moore yasmin.moore@nhs.net Child Bereavement Study Days

Transition to Leadership

Eleanor Perera Eleanor_perera@hotmail.com Leadership, Management and Education Program
George Lawson george.lawson1@nhs.net Simulation
Benjamin Holter Benjamin.holter@nhs.net Clinic Management Course
Christine Hesketh Christine.hesketh1@nhs.net Transition to Leadership

START course

Valerie Milton Valerie.j.milton@gmail.com Online Learning

RSM Days

Emine Senkal emine.senkal@nhs.net Case Exchange
Alexandra Downes  


a.downes.91@gmail.com Online Learning

RSM Days

Tom Slater tslater@doctors.org.uk LSP Trainee Committee Treasurer

Clinic Management Course

Caroline Scott-Lang carolinescottlang@hotmail.com TPD - RSM Days, Transition to Consultant
Jane Runnacles jane.runnacles@gmail.com TPD - RSM, Paediatric QI Change Champions
Trisha Radia trisharadia@nhs.net TPD - Simulation Return to Practice, Coaching for Transition
Mehrengise Cooper mehrengise.cooper@nhs.net TPD - Simulation