Mission Statement 

Child health research should be an integral part of the modern paediatrician’s practice, supported by an inspired, connected and highly skilled network of academics 



By the end of a paediatrician’s training, they are equipped with the academic skills they need and are inspired and supported to participate and lead in child health research 


Contact details

Email:  londonacademicpaeds@gmail.com

Twitter: @LspTcAcademic


Subgroup members 

Please contact us using the emails below if you would like to get involved or have any questions about our projects! There is also more information about each of our projects found on the links on the left.

Name                 Email Address My Committee Roles & Projects
Eva Loucaides evaloucaides@gmail.com Chair


Trainee-led Research Network: REACH


Preparation for Fellowship Interviews

LSP online teaching - monthly academic session

Elizabeth Fitchett elizabeth.fitchett@nhs.net Practical Academic Skills for Paediatricians

LSP online teaching - monthly online session

Polly Robinson polly.robinson@nhs.net Academic Mentoring Scheme


Paediatrics Return to Acute Clinical Practice Course 

LSP online teaching - monthly online session

Zhia Lim zhia.lim@nhs.net Academic Clinical Fellows Research Evenings


Journal Club Resources


Mailing List + Newsletter

Academic Clinical Fellows Interview Preparation Evening

Harsita Patel harsita.patel@gmail.com Academic Mentoring Scheme


Academic Clinical Fellows Interview Preparation Evening

Rebecca Unsworth r.unsworth@imperial.ac.uk Trainee-led Research Network: REACH
Sandhia Naik sandhia.naik@nhs.net


Academic TPD
Chris Gale christopher.gale@imperial.ac.uk Academic TPD