As for the rest of the UK, training is split into level 1 (ST 1-3), level 2 (ST 4-5) and level 3 (ST 6-8). MRCPCH is required to progress to level 2 training, and London trainees will be able to benefit from the wide range of LSoP supported courses to help pass the exam, such as the MRCPCH website. For level 2, we run teaching evenings at the Royal Society of Medicine.

There are 30 training sites in London, divided into 3 sectors – NW, NE and Central, South. London is a big place, so the rotations are based in a single sector for ST 1-5 and then pan-London for ST 6-8, to reduce commuting and to promote connections between trainees and also with TPDs in that sector. London trainees are fortunate in their access to a large number of tertiary facilities, allowing training in all subspecialities.