Those looking to develop an academic career alongside a clinical post have a wide range of opportunities in London, as spare time projects, as an OOPR or even full time for several years working towards a PhD. However navigating the London research landscape is not easy. There are several ways in on this page to consider.

Project Match:

Want to get involved in research but donā€™t know where to start:Ā  Use ProjectMatch, an innovative new website linking trainees to relevant projects.Ā  Find your perfect project or use this to connect with research active clinicians and scientists to develop your own project.

Academic Training Guide:

Developed by London Trainees the academic training guide has now been incorporated into college guidance:Ā HERE

RCPCH and Research:

Supporting research is a core aspect of the RCPCH.Ā  SeeĀĀ for details.

Academic Paediatric Association:Ā

The APAis committed to the promotion of Academic Paediatrics and Child Health and brings together trainees and senior researchers:

Activities include:

  • Engaging in advocacy for the discipline of academic paediatrics
  • Strengthen childrenā€™s biomedical and health services research in the UK
  • Support paediatricians and non-clinicians engaged in child health research
  • Support paediatric academic trainees
  • Supporting clinical trainees who wish to acquire research experience
  • Developing a strategy for recruitment and retention of academic paediatricians
  • Mentoring academic trainees and providing career advice
  • Supporting and developing academic training and training opportunities
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Contributing to the maintenance of undergraduate and postgraduate academic standards by providing academic advice to educational, professional and regulatory bodies

The APA holds a hugely successful trainee led training day for Paediatricians engaged in research or looking to get involved.

If in doubt or need some advice, please talk this through with your educational supervisor orĀ TPD.