What are the PAFTAs?

The National Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements (PAFTAs) are run by the RCPCH Trainees Committee to celebrate excellence among trainees and trainers in paediatrics across the country.

The London School of Paediatrics runs a local process to celebrate excellence, with eligible winners then put forward to the national process.

What are the categories and who is eligible?

The categories are:
- Junior Trainee (ST1-3 or equivalent)
- Senior Trainee (ST4-8 or equivalent)
- Educational Supervisor
- Training Unit
- Nurse (all bands)
- Allied Contribution to Paediatrics

Anyone working within paediatrics in London is eligible.

The winners of the first three categories are put forward to the national RCPCH PAFTA process, although unfortunately currently only paediatric trainees can be put through. We in LSP, however, love everyone.

The judging criteria are listed below.


LSP PAFTA judging criteria 2020-21