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    Jonathan Round

    Hi all

    Was sent (thanks Andrew) links to these helpful documents around the “business continuity plan” for the current situation. The first stresses the importance of HEE continuing to certify and work around issues with training progression. The second is more around local deployment of staff.

    Re progression – I was copied into a lovely email from the CT (thanks Caroline) at the London to the trainees there. One of the key messages was that this is a decent time to get e-portfolio brushed up, especially if you are about to transition to another level. As in my earlier messaging, I don’t know how we are going to work around no START for those about to leave training, but we will. Things will become clearer in time. Evidence will be key, and this will have to be in e-portfolio. In this weird time while paeds is normal before we may get re-deployed, this is a good time to look at the START domains and see how these come up in kaizen.

    Redeployment….well I haven’t looked after an adult since 1991. Back then, for MIs they had just got streptokinase, catheters were to plan where you did your CABG and most patients just got some diamorphine and finger crossing. However, if my adult colleagues need me, I’ll be there. I will not be acting beyond my abilities and will be aware of the impact of my actions. So, I expect to be siteing lines, prescribing antibiotics and sedation and tuning ventilators as well as talking to families. I will not be doing things unsupervised that I have never done or have only read about in the newspapers. I will be out of my comfort zone, but not dangerously.

    Lastly – lets keep #paedsrocks full of #covid material too. We all need to hear the stories of how life has changed, but how #paedsrocks still (even on adult wards!).




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