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    ARCPs will still be taking place in Summer 2020 for most grades. All trainees currently in training should ensure that they have a MSF and Education Supervisor Trainers Report (ESTR) to cover March-September 2020.

    • ARCP for Summer 2020 for all trainees who are changing from level (ie stepping up from level 1 to 2 or 2 to 3), who are ST7 or 8, who have concerns or who have not had outcome 1’s up to this point
    • ARCPs postponed to Winter for those who have only had outcome 1’s thus far in training, who have no concerns and who are not changing levels (i.e ST4,ST6).

    In view of redeployment, trainees will need to think more broadly about things that can cover capabilities on the RCPCH Progress curriculum. See update from David Evans, RCPCH VP for Training and Assessment at https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/covid-19-rcpch-trainee-progression-uk-through-2020 for more guidance on this.

    There will be a new ARCP outcome – “Outcome 10” – for those trainees whos progression has been affected by Covid. In the paediatric context, this is will likely apply to ST2/ST3s who are unable to take exams due to cancellations and ST7/8s who are unable undertake their START assessments.

    For trainees who were due to CCT but will obtain an outcome 10 instead, they will be offered further training posts. It is not recommended that trainees take up formal consultant posts unless they have CCT’d.

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