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Why do we have a Paediatric Return to Acute Clinical Practice (PRACP) Course?

Returning to acute clinical practice whether it is post maternity leave, research, OOPE or career break is daunting for the best of us.  There is the worry that your clinical knowledge is rusty, your resuscitation skills are not up-to-scratch and that new changes in paediatrics and training have passed you by.  Add to that any number of possible stressful factors: a new baby, a PhD to finish writing up, the challenges of working part-time, dealing with ongoing health issues, juggling academia and on-call rotas etc etc it is no wonder that many health professionals find the transition difficult. BUT… help is at hand with the PRACP course!

What does the PRACP Course involve?

This course developed by the London School of Paediatrics  is open to all members of multi-professional team returning to acute paediatrics.  The multi-professional and multi-level aspect lends itself well to simulation sessions to provide a stress-free opportunity in a safe environment to practice resuscitation and team working skills.  The course will include:

  • High fidelity paediatric simulation scenarios
  • Hot topics talk: signposting to key updates in paediatrics
  • Workshops addressing issues associated with flexible training, academic training and completing work-place based assessments, eportfolio and the RCPCH curriculum
  • Resilience workshop supported by a clinical psychologist discussing self-care, mindfulness and ways to try and balance work and life
  • An opportunity to network with other trainees returning and the course faculty with signposting to mentoring support

Who is at aimed at?

This course is aimed at anyone returning to acute paediatrics after a break for whatever reason and is open to other paediatric healthcare professionals as well as doctors.            PRACP flyer 2019

Training Dates, Venue and Booking Information

These training days are free and will now be run four times per year in each London sector.  Information on courses currently planned for 2019 together with the application are available here:         PRACPapplicationform2019

PRACP Networking Event

An opportunity to meet and chat to others who have/are returning to work and share experiences and advice over a drink!  The next event is on the 5th October 2018

PRACP networking flyer 2018

PRACP Resources

PRACP Planned Absence Checklist

PRACP Return to Work checklist

PRACP educational supervisor guide

PRACP useful websites and apps

WBPA and LTFT training presentation