ARCP: Annual Review of Competence Progression

What do I need to do:

  • On Kaizen- In a folder labelled ARCP
    • Upload a completed form R
    • Upload the courses pro-forma (download at bottom of page)
    • Upload your placement pro-forma


  • Outcome 1: Satisfactory Progress – achieving progress and competences at the expected rate
  • Outcome 2: Development of specific competences required – additional training time not required
  • Outcome 3: Inadequate progress by the trainee – additional training time required
  • Outcome 4: Released from training programme with or without specified competences
  • Outcome 5: Incomplete evidence presented – additional training time may be required
  • Outcome 6: Gained all required competences for the programme – will be recommended as having completed the training programme and for award of a CCT or CESR/CEGPR


ARCP Exams Courses Pro-Forma