• Please see the learning pack below to complement the LSoP Online Teaching for the Week beginning 25/05/2020
  • Please see the learning pack below to complement the LSoP Online Teaching for the Week beginning 18/05/2020
  • Please see the learning pack below to supplement the online teaching this week
  • https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/news-events/news/can-you-help-us-supporting-nhs111-services-across-england An opportunity for paediatricians who are currently shielding or not able to work f2f for any reason, to move from their current role to work for core NHS 111. You would work from home, taking paediatric calls or supporting clinical advisors with paediatric calls. All training would be provided.You would continue to be paid by your current trust and wouldn’t be expected to work more hours than you are currently paid for. Further information in the link including an expression of interest questionnaire – please do complete this if you’re interested. There is also a copy of the letter that [...]
  • The new Online Learning Programme from LSoP continues to build. Hopefully this is not news to you! Thank you for all of the feedback received; universally it has been very positive and has enabled us to tweek the programme to meet your needs better. We will certainly continue an online programme now to infinity and beyond, but will continue to refine the offering as time progresses. Right now, we are adding additional teaching slots to allow a variety of different style teaching sessions across the week and area also moving to our RMS style ‘Theme of the Week’. How can [...]
  • A guide to Surviving and Thriving in the current pandemic!  We wanted to provide everyone with a useful and enjoyable toolkit during this challenging time and beyond.  We’ve had so much fun creating this, including everything from where to buy your food to our favourite songs to dance to! But, remember: ’It’s ok to not be ok’- we’ve highlighted a list of resources & support systems, to empower those who need help, to seek help!  Don’t forget, there are many friends & colleagues outside of the Paediatric world who may benefit from this Handbook, so *SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE* using [...]
  • Update on training, progression and working during these timesI can’t believe that the last update I penned was over 2 weeks ago. Many apologies. In the intervening time there have been a number of policy directions that have come and gone, many things that have become clearer but some that still are not. So here is an update that I hope will be of use to you at work and in training.The General Situation in Paediatrics and elsewhereAs has been found elsewhere, the health needs have been predominantly in the adult and elderly population. Children get it, of course, and [...]
  • From the wonderful Dr Michael Farquhar:   Disrupted sleep is a completely normal response to the extraordinary circumstances we are currently living through.   For NHS staff in particular, trying to optimise our sleep is likely to be important in the months to come.   Some suggestions can be found here:  
  • Elizabeth Arche and Hannah Morgan from the Tavistock Center have put together a list of resources to help children, young people and parents through the COVID pandemic.   You can access the document here (each line is a link to a resource):   Corona Virus supportive information

COVID Tea & Empathy & Self-Isolation Virtual Meet-Up - Monday and Wednesdays at 8PM

To help those that are having to socially distance or self isolate, we have set up a virtual meeting space to maintain human contact and provide some peer-support.


To access the meeting, use this link:



The meetings are currently scheduled for 8pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and we are limited to 40 mins. If you are finding that this time slot is not working, or have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at contact@londonpaediatrics.co.uk


FAQs and Questions

Please use this area to ask any questions you may have about how COVID-19 is affecting paediatric training. Responses to frequently asked questions will be published soon.

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