The London School of Paediatrics Trainees Committee

The London School of Paediatrics Trainee’s Committee was founded in 2008 and has been strongly supported by the TPDs and Head of School. Numerous outstanding educational interventions have been developed by the trainees committee, as well as active trainee representation.

Many projects are listed below, but some of the most successful include:
• The peer mentoring scheme (now adopted nationally by the RCPCH)
• The Bi-annual London School of Paediatrics Trainees survey
• RSM study days (attended by 50-100 trainees monthly)
• MRCPCH Clinical examination revision website (over 2 million hits to date)

Our trainees committee is divided into 6 subgroups, consisting of 5-10 members who are trainees of all levels with a London training number. Each subgroup is overseen by one or more Training Programme Directors (TPD). The committee as a whole is led by 2 co-chairs:
Affy Sephazad
Kate Dharmarajah


Information Technology and Communications Subgroup


Chris Kelly
Katie Knight
Susannah Pye
Huey Min Lee
Priyen Shah
James Diviney
Raymond Pang
Marylyn Emedo

Our vision is to develop and deliver better training, teaching and support for trainees using information technologies.

Current Projects:

• MRCPCH Clinical examination revision website: - creating new content on a regular basis
• Research and publication regarding modern use of IT in paediatrics and paediatric education
• Paediatric Podcasts

• Use of IT and media at work

• Paediatric Free Open Access Medical Education (Paediatric FOAMed) website: - the latest paediatric updates summarised in short, easy to digest articles.


Education Subgroup


Katie McKinnon
Katie Birley
Henry Taylor
Eleanor Perera
Najette Ayadi O’Donell
Emma Parish
Selina Sandhar
Emma Russell-Jones
Sarah Montgomery-Taylor

The huge range of educational opportunities offered within the deanery is one of our greatest assets. However it is recognised that some parts of the curriculum cannot always be taught locally, these areas are overseen and new areas developed. WE also work to aid trainees through the assessment process and run courses to help transition through different stages of paediatric training.

Current projects:

• School of Paediatrics regional training days: RSM days, LME evenings, HDU study day, Child Bereavement training and ST3 simulation.
• ST3 Simulation impact on core training competencies: this work was presented at the The 5th International Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW) in New York City in April 2013.
• ST1 Neonatal Induction: development of further induction in response to trainee feedback re. first job anxieties and stressors
• PICH (Programme for Integrated Child Health)
• QI change champions
• Mapping the Future
• Learning through patient experience & Case Exchange
• Learning Together Days
• STARTing to be a Consultant course – developing a 3 day course for senior paediatric trainees post START
• START evenings – update from ST6-8 trainees on what to expect in START
• ST6-8 development evenings
• MRCPCH 1b & 2 Generic skills revision evenings – preparation evenings for the exams
• Learning together Adolescent Sexual Health Day – multiprofessional training days
• Transition to Leadership – 3 day course for ST3 to ST4 transition
• Clinic Management Day – management course for senior trainees
• Evaluation of DOC & Safeguarding CBD – working with RCPCH to get more data on their use and evaluate
• Universal Teaching tool – development of a universal teaching feedback form +/- linked with e-portfolio; being submitted to the RCPCH
• Clinic handbook – online handbook to help ST4-5 with what to ask in common clinic presentations


STARR (Supporting trainees, recruitment and retention)


Sarah McLoughlin
Sarah Hewett,
Stephanie Tolan
Nicola Dowling
Hannah Jacob
Marietta Pal Magdics
Natalie Wyatt
Nisha Patel
Lizzie Leith

The popularity of London for paediatric training remains high with a competition ratio of approximately 2.5 trainees for every ST1 post, allowing London to continue to recruit high quality trainees. Much of this continuing popularity is because of the visible role that London trainees can have in shaping their training.

Current Projects:

• London School of Paediatric Trainee Guide: Updating the annually reviewed London School of Paediatrics Trainee Guide (
• ST1 Induction Evening: Helping to co-ordinate and deliver a pan-London ST1 induction & evaluate feedback.
• GRID Evening: Helping to coordinate and deliver a pan-London GRID evening & evaluate feedback
• OOPE Database & Evening: Updating the OOPE database & Helping to co-ordinate and deliver a pan-London OOPE evening & evaluate feedback
• Exit Survey: working with Supporting Trainees subgroup to contact the small number of paediatric trainees that have left the programme to establish the causation/reasons for doing so. Further, to explore potential solutions to minimise any preventable loss of talent and to present those findings to the Speciality Training Committee.


Quality Assurance Subgroup


Audrey Soo
Margto Van de Vivjer
Bethany Smith
Philippa Stilwell
Alex Perkins
Harsita Patel

The ‘Ensuring Quality Group’ work together with other members from the London School of Paediatrics to quality assure postgraduate education.

Current Projects:

• Trainee Survey – the report is available on synapse. Analysis also included two additional sections on trainee experience of clinics and the barriers trainees experienced in attending more teaching. The survey will run again next summer after the GMC survey.
• Survey Requests – surveys which are intended for paediatric trainees are reviewed to streamline inbox load.
• Trust Reps – ensuring trainees are supported and kept up to date at a local level.


Academic Subgroup


Polly Robinson
Anna Capsomidis
Charlotte Barker
Sasha Howard
Eva Loucaides
Rachel Folwell
Emilie Seager
Dan Cromb
Susie Wallace

Research experience, subspeciality grid training and out of program training and experience allows trainees to develop specialised interests and skills. These opportunities are vital for guiding career choices and for maintain the breadth and diversity of interests within Paediatrics. Trainees within these posts have their own specific needs and support requirements.

Current Projects:

• Developing academic training support infrastructure: rep system from each Academic Centre; research evenings; practice fellowship evenings
• Improving Pan-London Research Training for all trainees: Research into Practice evenings; increasing profile of research in RSM & LME events
• Supporting other initiatives: Return to practice course; Paediatric careers evening; Medical student Paediatric Academic Careers Evenings