Welcome to the class of 2019!

A massive hello from everyone in the London School of Paediatrics – arguably the friendliest and definitely the biggest postgraduate school in London. Training in your chosen field is quite a big undertaking, and takes a fair amount of time. The job of the School and all those that help run it is to make this as rewarding as possible, to help you navigate the various hurdles within and outside the programme and to help turn you into the most fullfilled and effective paediatrician.

The Induction day is meant to give you a few pointers about what is important for people starting out in paeds – some of this is practical medicine, some of it is about how you can look after yourself, and some about the support that is there in the School and the trainees committee – which is, without question, the best TC out there.

Ruth (dept Head of School) is starting the day off with a talk on the nuts and bolts of training. This is packed with lots of useful information that will be helpful in the future for you. I’ve uploaded it here for later reference.

So, enjoy, keep yourself well, and have fun in the best speciality with, without a doubt, the very best patients!

Jonathan Round

Head of School

Training at Level 1 2019 v2